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Filmore Gardens Neighborhood Association

Contact info

Gloria DeCuir-Robert, President – 504-430-3041
Gwendolyn Muse Charles – 1st Vice President –
Nia Morris – 2nd Vice President –
Elsie Bradford – Secretary
Kimberly Smith-Jones – Treasurer –
Rev. Lionel Davis, Sr. – Chaplain –
Quadrant Leaders – Terrence Jone (NE); Sandy Duckworth (NW); Todd Theriot (SE); & Fay Kaufman (SW)
Technology: Tracey Liaison: Carmen Owens – Southwest Quadrant Leader/

Website: on Facebook: FilmoreGardens; email


Organization Information

Neighborhoods Served:
• St. Anthony

Planning District:


Zip Codes:

Warrington Drive at the London Avenue Canal,Mirabeau, Elysian Fields,Prentiss Ave. This neighborhood is dissected by Filmore and St. Anthony Avenues into four quadrants, each with a quadrant leader as follows: Northwest - Gloria DeCuir-Robert (Voters: Ward 7, Precinct 36) Northeast - (see above) (Voters: Ward 7, Precinct 36A) Southwest - Carmen Owens (Voters: Ward 7, Precinct 34) Southeast - (see above) (Voters: Ward 7, Precinct 35)

Council Representative:
Cynthia Hedge Morrell

State Representative:
State Rep: Jared Brossett; State Sen: E.Murray, 7-34, and J.P. Morrell, 7-35, 7-36, 7-36A

Police Precinct:


Residents began meeting formally in July 2007 after complaining to city government regarding damage to street lights, parks and streets. (Having suffered the city-wide effects of the flood that followed Hurricane Katrina, this residential area near the Mirabeau breach of the London Canal had been further damaged by disaster relief vehicles and equipment work beginning in the Spring of 2006 through Spring 2007.) Residents began a campaign of telephoning, emailing, and letter-writing. With added guidance and support from A.C.O.R.N. and the Burbank Gardens Neighborhood Assn., government listened and eventually responded positively.

Current and future goals include: determining existing property covenants, formulate/update and protect property zoning, develop safe, clean, beautiful streets, parks, neutral grounds, and GARDENS! Assistance is needed in finding existing property “covenants” and zoning ordinances to prevent overpopulation that might result from any additional residential multi-family developments.

  • Neighborhood meetings are held monthly on the fourth Thursday, 6:30pm, @ 5506 Wickfield Dr, except during the months of November and December.***

Current Priorities:

  • Blight and Code Enforcement
  • Comunity Health
  • Housing
  • Infrastructure and Public Transportation
  • Law Enforcement
  • Parks and Natural Resources
  • Property Value and Tax Stabilization
  • Quality of Life, Preservation, and Zoning
  • Re-population and Membership
  • Youth Engagement


1.Burbank Gardens Neighborhood Assn.
2.Dillard University Community Development Corp.
4.Gentilly Civic Improvement Assn. (GCIA)
5.Gentilly Beacon of Hope

For More Info:

Meetings: monthly on the 4th Thursday .Ave., 5506 Wickfield Dr. , 6:30PM-8:15PM; EXCEPTION: NO MEETING ARE SCHEDULED for the months of NOVEMBER and DECEMBER.

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