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June 11th 2009

BIG CAJUN II Public Hearing

On June 11th, LDEQ will host a public hearing asking for public comments regarding the Louisiana Generating proposal. We need to let LDEQ know we don’t want more dirty coal in Louisiana. The Big Cajun II coal plant makes no sense financially or environmentally. Louisiana Generating already sends all of the power generated by Big Cajun II out-of-state, leaving our communities to suffer the health and environmental hazards and their current proposal will only add to these problems.


Louisianans cannot afford to pay the long-term costs of coal emission exposure: mercury poisoning, impaired childhood development, respiratory diseases, contaminated fish, waterways and soil. Louisiana Generating should do what dozens of other utility companies are doing across the country: Invest in energy efficiency programs and renewable sources of energy to meet electricity demands responsibly, instead of investing in an expensive, polluting technology that jeopardizes public health and damages our environment.

Please follow the link to take action, and send a comment to LDEQ telling them you don’t want new coal in Louisiana.

For More Information, Please Contact:
Jordan Macha, 504-861-4837 /