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Hi Timolynn,

We’d like to invite you to join the Regional Sustainability Committee which meets quarterly across sectors to help support the development of a more resilient and sustainable community.

Let me know if we could buy you lunch sometime to learn more!

Timolynn Sams Sumter

Timolynn Sams Sumter is a New Orleans native and a graduate of the Southern University at New Orleans. Fourteen years of work with nonprofits -  including five years of advocacy work focusing on the minority community - led to Timolynn’s appointment as Executive Director of Neighborhoods Partnership Network (NPN) in July 2007.

Timolynn has been recognized for her outstanding service in civic processes by two New Orleans mayors. Former Mayor Nagin acknowledged her intense community engagement work during the city’s 30-year master planning process.  After the 2010 mayoral election, she served on then Mayor-Elect Mitch Landrieu’s Transition Team as the co-chair of the Social Innovation Taskforce where she helped lead a team of local entrepreneurs and community organizations in developing a set of recommendations that helped form Mayor Landrieu’s agenda.

Timolynn’s passion for the city has been featured in local, national and international news. Ms. Sams was recognized as an ambassador to the city of Kobe, Japan, where she served as a panelist exchanging information on lessons learned about the importance of community engagement for the sustainability of a city. She has been recognized as one of Utne Reader’s “50 People Changing the World.” 

Timolynn is a 2010 fellow of the Louisiana Effective Leadership Program, a Young Leadership Council 2010 Role Model recipient, and a 2012 Neighborhood Development Foundation leadership recipient.
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