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ditti Tim Garret’s comments. for me the workshop was well worth the time to advocate for a flood. SFE New Orleans.
NOTE to Lucas Diaz: I’ve stumbled on a process to apply high performance systems engineering practices to solve community problems. It looks as if it were developed with NPN in mind. I’m reading the book now and will forward a review when I finish. Here’s the publishers site http://www.springer.com/psychology/community+psychology/book/978-1-4614-8762-3
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The recently publish final draft of the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO) has an Appendix B that addresses residential elevation. This a fatally flawed document and policy that puts residents in the same risks we faced before Katrina. Esthetics are first and safety is only referenced by the FEMA base flood elevation which was (and still is) 1) direct by Congress to be a 100 year storms and 2) used to quantify subsidies for insuring at risk properties. Katrina proved that 100 years was woefully inadequate for safety and didn’t take into account the fundamental uncertainty of extreme storms.

This Appendix provides not help for residents in tryin to balance the demands for safety with the esthetics of affordable, safe residence elevation.

The most fundamental quality of a neighborhood should be is resilience against realistic flood risk. There are many commercial interest (GNO Inc, etc) that have campaigned directly against flood safety in the interests of those who profit from rebuilding flooded properties. NPN should work to put neighborhood safety, driven by individual residents safety decisions first.

Please get involved in convincing the CPC that neighborhoods value safety above decorative, disfunctional decorations
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