Christy CeCe Chapman

published It is an honor to be apart of NPN 2015-03-25 09:41:23 -0500

It is an honor to be apart of NPN

I just want to say thank you to you and the whole editorial board for continuing to allow me to be me and share things with my community  and the world. Thank you for believing in my voice. The Trumphet holds so much value. It is my mission while I strive to showcase such an amazing paper with amazing contributors to other parts of the world. With every article, I must say that we are doing it. Things take time but when a foundation like the one that we have has been laid, it excels......Thank you guys for giving me a platform and the opportunity to be a writer. You have been very influential and important within my writing start and career. I will never forget the boards commitment and loyalty to me  and my column. I am so honored to be apart of a wonderful and amazing board. Again with tears of heartfelt gratitude thank you for everything....
Christy "CeCe" Chapman 
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