Council receives Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO) recommendation and provides opportunity for public comment

The City's Home Rule Charter requires that a Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO) be adopted and that it be consistent with the Master Plan. After several years of development, including many public meetings, the City Planning staff presented their final recommended draft CZO to the City Planning Commission (CPC) at its September 9 meeting. The CPC voted unanimously for a modified approval of the staff's recommendations, and the final draft CZO now comes to the Council for consideration. The Council recognizes that there are substantial conversations still to be had, and that additional public comment and debate will further inform the process and result in a better product. With that in mind, the Council presents the following timeline:

  • Immediately and ongoing: Written comment not previously provided to the CPC may be submitted by completing the online comment form on the Council's website. This feature will remain available throughout the public comment period.

  • Tuesday, September 30, 2014: The Council will hold a special Committee of the Whole meeting on September 30 (time TBA) to receive public comment and engage in debate. No vote or formal action by the Council will take place at this meeting. 

  • October 2014: It is expected that the Council will take up the City Planning Commission's recommendation and vote on the final draft CZO before the end of October. However, the Council is prepared to alter its 2015 Budget hearing schedule, which begins on October 27, in order to allow for further consideration, if necessary. 

The public is advised that on September 18, the City Planning Commission's recommendation will be formally and officially transmitted to the Council and will appear as a "communication" from the City Planning Commission on the Council meeting agenda. The Council will not take any formal action, and no comments or discussion will be heard. Additionally, the final draft CZO will appear on the Council's October 2 regular Council meeting agenda as Zoning Docket 81/14 - City Council Motion M-14-314, but the matter will be deferred, no formal action will be taken and no comments or discussion will be heard.

"It is important to the Council that the public be well-informed of this final opportunity to engage in the CZO adoption process," said City Council President Stacy Head. "Councilmembers are committed to transparency and strong community participation, and these commitments, along with other best practices, will continue through the final decision."

Evelyn F. Pugh
Council Chief of Staff
Ph. (504) 658-1082

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