Nominate Your Community as a Great Place in Louisiana

The Great Places in Louisiana Awards program recognizes those individuals, programs, local governments and organizations that are working to make their community more livable for all people. Three communities or organizations will be chosen and recognized as Great Places and will receive $1,500 award. 


What is a Great Place?

Great Places are places where people of all ages and abilities can live throughout their lifetime. By this definition, Great Places must be communities in which individuals and families can find meaningful ways to engage with their neighbors and friends, live in housing they can afford and that meets their physical needs, utilize a range of transportation options and access social and supportive services. Great places are the sum of their infrastructure including roads, bike lanes, sidewalks, connected street grids and transit networks, their diverse housing stocking including supportive housing for individuals with permanent or temporary disabilities and their services system including access civic engagement, healthy foods, community gardens, parks and recreation centers. Louisianians are working hard to make the communities they call home great places for all people. Great places require the right public policy, creative use of local resources, inspired and enthusiastic leadership and the energy and momentum of the residents who want to ensure their community will be a community for all.

All entries will evaluated on five specific criteria:

  • Impact on the community’s overall livability by providing one or more of the three key elements of a great place: diverse housing stock, expanded transportation options, access to social, supportive or community services
  • Sustainability of the project or program
  • Ability to serve traditionally underserved populations including older adults
  • Expected long and short term benefit

Who can participate?

Programs, projects or entire communities can nominate themselves or be nominated by others. Anyone over 18 years of age can participate by nominating a Great Place in Louisiana.

Each winner will also receive an attractive plaque with their project name and the Great Places logo to display their acheivement. It will be up to those communities to decide how to spend the money. Finally, winners will be recognized at the highly visible 2014 Louisiana Smart Growth Summit in Baton Rouge on August 27th-29th, where communities will be showcased during a special reception. Winning communities will be asked to send a representative to showcase the work being done in the community. Poster presentations will be paid for as well as travel expenses to the summit.

To complete the nomination process, click here to submit a Nomination Form and submit five to seven images of your community.

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