Housing New Orleans: Building Community Prosperity in the Crescent City

The New Orleans Housing Plan will establish goals and strategies to inform the creation of affordable housing options for New Orleans residents. In Partnership with the Office of Housing policy and Community Development and Foundation for Louisiana, the Greater New Orleans Housing Alliance will engage various stakeholders and residents in this planning process to ensure transparency and broad participation. The work is supported by a broad-based coalition that includes public officials, community leaders, neighborhood associations, culture bearers, financial institutions, policy developers, educators, philanthropic organizations and representations from the tourism, transportation, green building, criminal justice, non-profit and special needs advocacy communities.

Neighborhoods and families experience more stability and success when homes are affordable. The whole community benefits when: 

  • Elderly residents can keep their older homes
  • Young people can find that first apartment
  • Parents and children can put down roots in New Orleans with confidence

GUIDING PRINCIPLES: Defining the "new affordable" housing for New Orleanians
Adequately, sustainable housing that does not exceed 35 percent of a household's income:

  • Prevents displacement
  • Encourage sustainable design and infrastructure
  • Improves neighborhood quality of life
  • Increases accessibility for special needs populations
  • Promotes fair housing and decreases discrimination across the city

GET INVOLVED: Leadership Board and Working Groups
Members of the Leadership Board will advise and review the information that is provided to them from Working Groups, which is where most of the work for the Housing Plan will happen. The Working Groups will be made of the Leadership Booard, GNOHA and Community Members.

Community Engagement Working Group
Collect information from New Orleanians, facilitate the Community Review Team, manage media and organize neighborhood meetings

Data Working Group
Collect, consolidate and decide what housing data will be useful

Policy Working Group
Use the data and best practices to develop policy recommendations

For more information and to stay up-to-date, visit www.gnoha.org or look for #HousingNOLA on Facebook & Twitter. You can also contact Lindsey Lewis at lindsy.lewis@gnoha.org or (504)821-7235.

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