H. V. Nagendra

commented on NPN To Host CZO Roundtable 2014-09-29 17:09:17 -0500 · Flag
CPC has been diligent in having to reach-out to all stakeholders – residents, neighborhood organizations, businesses, non-profit social service agencies, businesses, developers, educational institutions and others. The document must be a representation of the desires or each of the stakeholders. The preservation of the physical characteristics of neighborhood is a very delicate and important element in maintaining New Orleans’s heritage and culture. Preservation does not mean keeping New Orleans like a museum by taking a antiquarian approach. I means being judicious and articulate to accept change and as part of a living – lively, evolving organic urban enterprise. Therefore, all recommendations in the previous hearings and comments are not found in the revised Draft. Taking a myopic view of the CZO is not helpful.
It is also important that the CZO include a CPP component. Because the CPP process may not be fully developed does not mean that the CZO cannot move forward. It is imperative that the CZO move forward
President - Carrollton Area Network