Strengthening Leaders

Neighborhood leaders may find that they are faced with challenges to developing and sustaining their organization. Many times, resident leaders learn these skills as they go. This series provides residents with an opportunity to develop skills in a workshop setting and share their experiences with fellow participants. The Strengthening Leaders Series is part of Capacity College’s core course offerings to improve civic leadership that can create meaningful community change. The series focuses on team building, effective facilitation, and communication.

Leading Conflict-Free Meetings
From time to time, conflict will arise and the organization must be prepared to deal with it in order to prevent it from hurting the group’s activity.  These conflict could occur during meetings, so facilitation is important to lead effective meetings and to prevent conflict from disrupting the meeting.  In this workshop, participants will work through experiences and offer strategies to resolve conflict along with methods for effective meeting facilitation.
Course Date:   Saturday, September 13th, 9 - 11 a.m.

Communicating Effectively
Communication skills are important with sharing your organization’s vision, recruiting members, and advocating for change. In this workshop, participants will practice verbal and non-verbal communications and analyze the effectiveness of different communication methods.
Course Date:   Saturday, September 20th, 9 - 11 a.m.

Recruiting & Retaining Effective Board Members
Finding and selecting the right board members for your organization can be a daunting challenge. How do you term best fit? Where do you find people? It's an ongoing challenge that seems to never end. Finding the right, qualified person with the needed skills and the temperament to help the organization is only the first. After finding these individuals, they must be kept motivated. This workshop will explore some basic strategies and tactics that have been proven effective.
Course Date:   TBD

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Strengthening Leaders