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Eight years ... 
It's been eight years since a group of neighborhood residents came together and developed a network for sharing information, learning about what was going on across town in other neighborhoods, and building a sense of civic duty and responsibility.

In that time, NPN has educated resident leaders, helped bring neighborhoods together to solve problems, connected public and private institutions to residents and assisted government and business entities in developing effective engagement strategies.

Through NPN's efforts, resident leaders have made shifts from disengagement resulting from historical apathy about or lack of understanding of government process and share concerns, to a new sense of civic pride and a desire to ensure that their neighborhoods are fully engaged in civic processes. NPN helped accomplish this by offering a safe, neutral space in which community challenges and possible solutions have been identified and developing capacity building resources for leaders from the community and public and private institutions who wish to work together more effectively.

... and counting.
NPN's strength lies in bringing diverse groups together to successfully collaborate with each other and providing these groups with the foundational skills and resources to make their neighborhoods better. Most recently, NPN partnered with the Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Engagement to present its annual Neighborhoods Summit, a civic skill development and networking conference for residents and government agencies. Through programs like Capacity College, NPN also provides technical assistance to neighborhood associations, government, businesses and others who want to forge impactful relationships that improve the quality of life in each and every New Orleans neighborhood.

You can help ensure that NPN is here for many more years to come by helping us mark our eighth year with a donation of any multiple of eight. Your gift of $80 allows us to update the Guide to Understanding the City's Budget Process, full of tips and clarity for neighborhood leaders. A $200 gift allows NPN to convene residents across the city around citywide policy issues such as the comprehensive zoning ordinance (CZO) and the Neighborhood Participation Plan (NPP). A donation of $5,000 allows 30 resident leaders to participate in next year's regional Neighborhoods Summit.

Regardless of the amount, every gift - even if its just $8 - supports NPN's work to continue the impactful neighborhood engagement we started eight years ago. And contributions are not set aside and "saved" for the future. Gifts will provide immediate support of the network's mission, providing NPN with valuable resources today to strengthen the voices of individuals and communities across New Orleans. Click here to make your contribution to the Annual Fund today.

Thank you in advance for helping us continue making every New Orleans neighborhood a great place to live.



Timolynn Sams Sumter
Executive Director 

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