Watermark Institute, Inc.

Watermark hopes to make meaningful change in New Orleans through artistry. Aside our project, WiFi Park, we are developing solutions to challenges that artist face in becoming seasoned and careered professionals.

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Show us your brand!

Watermark is hosting a fundraiser for our new project in Algiers: WiFi Park. We believe that the most unique and beneficial things in our city are a result of local artist. To make better contributions to our neighbors we are activating vacant land at 1014 Teche Street. Our goal is to provide relevant resources and necessary activities to locals from locals. We understand that community knowledge is the best solution to the challenges that our neighbors face.


On April 1st, we are hosting a kickback called #Branded. We are seeking organizations and individuals who can help us accelerate our activation plan. Watermark is a rookie organization and can use any assistance that is available. Visit our website, gocreativecrescent.com/branded to request an invitation.

Watermark is a network working to heighten creative capacity of independent artist in New Orleans.
MY GOAL: $2,500.00