We envision -- NOLA master plan

The Plan for the 21st Century, the Master Plan for the city of New Orleans , is a City Charter-mandated planning framework for the core systems that shape New Orleans’ physical, social, environmental, and economic future.


NPN has forge a partnership with local media allies, WBOK 1230AM, Think 504, KGLA, Xavier University Communications dept. and NOAtv to launch a multi-media campaign #Wevision giving a direct voice to and fostering understanding among various neighborhoods, groups and points of view regarding the city’s master plan by: 

  • Expanding the diversity and  variety of information on local topics addressing the specific needs of targeted populations
  • Increasing the access for residents to educational, cultural, political, health and human resources of the city
  • Strengthening the ability of all institutions to serve New Orleans’ diverse residents by providing a mechanism through which they can effectively share their resources with the community
  • Communications resources, including messaging research and ideas, training, capacity building, and regular, ongoing communications support.
  • Creating a strategic communications framework for communicating between conglomerate partners and with their constituents timely and effectively.
  • Strengthening communications work, so that policymakers, the media and the public hear more progressive messages more consistently and frequently. This includes developing shared messages, collaborating to increase the impact of policy reports and events, and committing to increasing the volume and effectiveness of each organization’s messages.
  • Linking research, messaging, organizing, and nonpartisan resident engagement in a continuous process.

Stay connected to npnnola.com  for the multiple ways that you too can engage in shaping the vision of New Orleans

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