NPN Fiscal Sponsorship Program


Many organizations active in New Orleans are not 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofits. Some are in the process of applying, and some are simply not interested. It is still possible for these organizations to apply for the same grants as nonprofits. To do this, the organization partners with an existing 501(c)(3), this organization is called the fiscal agent. This is a service that NPN provides to Basic Level members.

Having a fiscal agent allows small organizations to apply for the same grants as other organizations without the burden of applying for 501(c)(3) status and administrative costs of maintaining a nonprofit staff.

Many nonprofits are willing to act as a fiscal agent for organizations that are in the process of applying for 501(c)(3) status, or who are not interested. Here's how it works: If your organization is interested in a grant, you send in the proposal to the foundation or donor and identify your fiscal agent, providing all the necessary documentation. A contract is written between your group and the fiscal agent, and goes into effect when the grant money is released by the donor. The fiscal agent is responsible for giving the money to your organization in a timely manner, maintaining the needed documentation for the donor, and ensuring the grant money is used in the way it was intended. Your organization is responsible for implementing the project described in the grant, and giving regular reports to the fiscal agent. Fiscal agents often charge a small administrative fee to cover the expense of managing the grant.

Here a some of our current sponsored projects:







PlayBuild NOLA

With educational activities and programming focused on design, architecture, city planning and related disciplines, our goal is to expose under-served populations to these fields and to stimulate curiosity, enthusiasm, and engagement with the professional community in New Orleans.


 Character Beyond the Classroom To improve schools and communities by developing the character of our children through values-oriented experiences beyond the classroom



Algiers Folk Art Zone

the preservation of self-taught artists, to assist in the visibility of living artists and to educate the public about their work and cultural significance.


Watermark Institute Inc. (Creative Crescent)

 Watermark Institute Incorporated exist to cultivate the capacity of independent artist through individuals, organizations and communities that develop and implement innovative solutions to social challenges.


Brothers Empowered to Teach

 Brothers Empowered to Teach Initiative's mission is to close the achievement gap for at-risk students by inspiring and incentivizing men of color to choose education as a career starting in New Orleans.



social innovators working to transform the old take-make-waste ethos into a regenerative, give more than you take approach (now described as the circular economy) to building successful, resilient communities, businesses, and households. 


If you are interested in learning more about how NPN can act as the fiscal agent for your organization, contact Timolynn Sams Sumter at


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